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Cindy Black, Webmaster


Hidden Valley Web Designer, Cindy Black, has been building, designing, and maintaining websites since 1997. She brings a background in both art and technology to her websites, and gives them a uniquely "artsy" look that is her signature.

In addition, Cindy is trilingual in Spanish, French, and English. She builds websites in these languages, and is an expert in bilingual website development.

Rather than viewing websites as "ads," Cindy has always tried to create something of beauty and value in the websites she builds. There are many ways to try to improve website "searchability" (e.g. Google ratings), but one of the best ways to quickly raise ratings is to offer information that people find valuable, whether or not they buy something from you immediately. We all have our personal favorite websites that we trust to give us information we need, beauty we crave, or a community we feel comfortable in. Cindy will help you create a website that gives something to your customers, as well as inviting them to come often and linger long at your place of business.

In addition to content, a website's look should be simple, clear, easy on the eyes, logically organized, and easy to navigate. A junky, ad-littered, hyperactive, commercial-looking website will turn off more customers than it will attract. People are busy. They don't have time to read through many pages of material unless they are deeply interested in a subject. Websites need to to impart maximum information in minimal reading time, with links to more in-depth information if this is appropriate. Customers don't have time to click through layer after layer of pages to get to the information they need. Fewer pages with more information is of the utmost importance to retaining clients. A clean, quick, clear website is what Cindy's design is all about.